Die CDU-Schauspieler und der Migrationspakt

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Heimlich, still und leise sollte der Migrationspakt der Vereinten Nationen für alle Mitglieder dieser babylonisch-satanischen Sekte weltweit eingeführt werden. Ein paar wenige Länder haben diesem diabolischen Machwerk bereits eine klare Abfuhr erteilt. Unter den Ländern die das Machwerk ablehnen gehören, wie nicht anders zu erwarten, die USA, Österreich und Ungarn. Andere Länder Europas wie Kroatien, Tschechien und Polen werden den Migrationspakt wahrscheinlich auch nicht unterschreiben.

Selbstverständlich wäre es sinnvoll, wenn die Menschen in Europa, den USA und der restlichen Welt wissen würden, was in diesem Pakt geschrieben steht, bzw. was er bewirken soll. Da die Medien ihren Bildungs- und Informationsauftrag verweigern, die Politik sich ausschweigt und sie statt dessen alles daran setzen jegliche Kritik an diesem Pakt im Keim zu ersticken, verlinken wir den Text an dieser Stelle. Hier findet ihr den UN-Migrationspakt.

Betrachten wir doch einmal was der Verein CDU zum Thema Migrationspakt zu sagen hat. Und wo finden wir das? Auf deren eigener Internetpräsenz:



Fragen und Antworten zum UN-Migrationspakt

Dieser weltweite Migrationspakt ist ein weiterer Meilenstein auf dem Weg in die vatikanisch-satanische Neue Weltordnung, auch kurz NWO genannt. Noch immer wissen viele Menschen nichts von  dem aktuellen Machwerk. Sie machen sich auch nicht die Mühe dieses Ding zu lesen. Wozu auch, wir können ja eh nichts dagegen machen. Wirklich? Wir sind mehr als die paar Verbrecher die seit Jahrtausenden die gesamte Menschheit knechten und weiterhin bis in alle Ewigkeit versklaven wollen. Das sollten die Herrschaften an den Schaltstellen der Macht nicht vergessen. Die sollen ja ihre NWO haben, aber wir, die Menschen auf diesem Planeten machen das, was wir Menschen selbst für wichtig halten, was uns gut tut und nicht was man uns vorschreibt. Noch können wir uns entscheiden. Ewige Sklaverei oder doch besser Frieden und Freiheit?

Zum Schluß wollen wir die Politiker und alle Presstituierten immer und überall hüpfen sehen, denn wie sagte der Freiburger Oberbürgermeister nach der jüngsten Massenvergewaltigung auf einer „Demo gegen Rechts“ zu seinen Mitläufern, „Wer nicht hüpft, ist ein Nazi“. Also dann hüpft mal fein, hüpft, hüpft, hüpft…. und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann hüpfen diese Schwachköpfe noch in 1000 Jahren.





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France – CNTF – Message to all mankind

I will tell you about France, the real one, not the one presented by your media probably as corrupt as ours, but the one where millions live every day.

First of all, I will introduce myself: my name is Eric Fiorile. I was one of those few early warning alerters who unveiled the existence of the New World Order and its major representation, the Bilderberg Club, which oversees all Western governments, and today I am the leader of the French resistance, the only declared opposition to the current illegitimate political system.

In France, as in many other countries, there is a dissent which, as elsewhere, is divided into two groups. On the one hand semi-informed people. These are people who have discovered the New World Order’s actions through the anomalies they have faced. This may be in a professional field such as doctors, scientists, military or teachers, as this may result from social problems offering time to spend on the internet, or convictions leading to joining a group aimed at alternative solutions, such as Agriculture, community life, spiritual beliefs or marginal democratic participation. All of them find themselves on social networks and participate in the dissemination of information they consider relevant but not completely informed they can’t relate to all aspects of the New World Order to the current political system .

The other dissent is that of fully informed people, mostly readers, archivists, investigators. These have found a solution to the world problems and created a National Transition Council to set it up (I will talk about it later). They are tens of thousands and among them lawyers, economists, journalists, writers, scientists, … and they have elaborated a concept that I will explain after having spoken of France.

It is therefore to those dissidents who are as well informed, of the other countries that I am addressing, because they are the ones who will be able to establish links with their country and who will be able to evaluate the accuracy of my remarks.

The New World Order has many intricate networks: multinationals and banks serviced by the international organizations they control (International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization, United Nations, NATO, World Trade Organization, UNESCO, EUROPE, etc.) and sects Mystical leaders providing the leaders of the countries, those of these organizations and those of the religions. In Europe, it is essentially Freemasonry that serves to control the countries by providing all the principal leaders of the institutions selected by the high fringe of masonry, that of the “nameless religion”, which many prefer to call “luciferianism” Or “satanism” whose essential principle is “the inversion of values ​​and concepts” and the means to achieve it, “systematic lie”.

The purpose of the leaders of this “New World Order” is clearly stated in their books as well as in certain public statements by its main members: to eradicate all nations and religions in order to establish an absolute dictatorship all over the world, to impose a single religion : Satanism; Ensuring absolute power on the planet by removing 90% of humanity as indicated on the American monument “guidestones” erected in Georgia and in phase with the media theory on overpopulation. To do so, we must launch the “Great Chaos” in which all nations and religions will kill each other, which will be done by civil wars and a world war, and will be triggered by the economic collapse associated with pandemics, All this being programmed smoothly according to the scheme of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” from 2018. Economic tests on Turkey, Argentina and more recently on Cyprus and Greece announce what will happen in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, etc. Vaccines containing sterilizing agents are widely used in Africa, but also in India, the Philippines, Indonesia … and always with the complicity of the World Health Organization and the governments of these countries. The recent case of Kenya shows that vaccines are well used to cause disease or infertility …

The global genocide is on the march, but all of this, as you already know, I will not list all of the aspects through which the New World Order manages the populations through the sects of each country, sects from which politicians Key positions: Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, Justice, Army, Health and Education. I would only add that in addition to this human dimension linked to Power and Money, there is also a mystical dimension, at the origin of many pedophile scandals.

In France we are particularly targeted because our country is a stronghold of Freemasonry and pedophile networks such as satanic ceremonies are particularly well protected by justice and law enforcement. Many cases have been drowned. Children’s graves were discovered and hidden from the public. Famous pedophiles have always belonged to the highest spheres of the state. Alarm launchers such as Corinne Gouget, who denounced poison additives or Claire Severac, who clearly demonstrated the genocide in progress, disappear strangely, one suicided, the other suffering from a lightning disease, and we wont dwell into all of the journalists rejected for wanting to speak freely, Natacha Polony is the last example.

Because of its position as the “beacon of human rights” in the history of the world, France is the first enemy to be defeated for those who want to create an absolute tyranny.

After a brief history I will tell you about what is actually happening in France so that you can compare with your own country and may be paying more attention to certain events that have occurred or are going to occur.

Since the establishment of the republic more than 150 years ago, all the French governments have come out of masonry and follow the indications of their sect, which is itself supervised by high international masonry. But since Sarkozy, it is directly the Club Bilderberg that directs. Sarkozy was introduced in France by the American services which propelled him to the head of the country. At first he withdrew to France his independence by handing over his army to the Americans by NATO. Then he launched “privatizations”, a way to sell the assets of our inheritance by making himself a fine jackpot. He even sold a large share of the gold reserves (600 tons), still to the Americans. Then he divided the army by removing all the gendarmerie, which he placed directly under the orders of the Ministry of the Interior, which belongs exclusively to Freemasonry. Finally, he violated French legislation by unlawfully amending the Constitution and denying the “Human Rights” which are in France the highest legal hierarchy. Legally, France is not in Europe since the French people voted not by referendum in 2005, and according to our constitution, the people are “sovereign”. Finally, he organized a coup d’etat in Ivory Coast for the benefit of multinationals, destroyed Libya by violating all the rules of international law and began to foment the Syrian revolution.

After him we had Hollande whose role was merely to continue the sale of our patrimony to the benefit of the Americans to whom he even ceded land to create a military base. His mission was also to introduce into politics two members of the Bilderberg Club: Valls and Macron whom he appointed ministers and who contributed by their laws to increase unemployment, impoverish the population by eliminating many small businesses and restricting our freedoms by letting us commit 3 murderous attacks (number of police officers and journalists even asserting that they would have helped to realize them, if only by prohibiting the armed forces on the spot to intervene) during which hundreds of French were killed, attacks immediately attributed to the Islamists, which allowed 1) to raise the hatred against the Muslim population 2) to claim security by establishing a “state of emergency” which annuls the constitution and the Rights of The Man, copying the assembly that the American government had made with 9/11 to establish the Patriot Act.

Finally, it has actively participated in the attempt to destabilize Syria and several African countries, a pretext for the forced injection of migrants into Europe, including a large majority of men between the ages of 18 and 40, Syrians, from various radical movements and trained in terrorism. The massive immigration we are undergoing is all the more dangerous as politicians have launched a program to destroy Christian churches and build mosques, thus preparing a civil war that will become increasingly difficult to curb over time.

To conclude with this character, he used his position and the government means to bring Macron to the front of the stage and ensure his election by faking them. This was easy because it was his Valls-Macron government that organized them. No possibility of reaction of our judicial system, since they canceled its independence by the decree Valls of 6 December 2016. Moreover, the highest representatives of this institution are appointed by them, and those who are at the head of the “Court of Cassation” are so involved in dirty business that they can not say anything. The last resort, the Constitutional Council, was also neutralized by the placement at its head of another member of the Bilderberg club, already famous by many serious legal cases: Laurent Fabius!

Since the first attack, that of “Charlie Hebdo”, all our rights are suspended. We are under an absolute political dictatorship. No Frenchman is safe at home. Politicians can now arrest anyone without a legal order or offer any motive, they can search, seize what they want from people and keep in custody for six days if they want without having anything to justify. Police and gendarmerie have become no longer “representatives of the law”, but their private mercenaries! Our economic, cultural and intellectual heritage is melting away and Macron is clearly there to finish France, to finish selling our goods to the Americans, to our main public institutions.

For all this is in flagrant violation of French law, which prohibits the sale of our great enterprises, the modification of the constitution without the consent of the people, the suspension of human rights, the surrender of our military secrets to foreign powers, To allow foreign laws to govern our country, such as the Monsanto law, which prohibits our farmers from continuing to use their seeds.

Even more serious is what begins with Macron, a member of the Bilderberg club and ex-partner of the Rothschild bank, who wants to legalize pedophilia, force families to vaccinate young children, and already puts the laws in effect. 11 mandatory vaccinations, which is a new violation of our laws, and imprisonment of parents who refuse to do so. So either you accept the vaccines that will poison your child and prevent her from reaching her normal intellectual level, or you will be removed. Laws that precede those that will serve to implant the whole population. RFID implants that are already offered in many maternity hospitals. Its role is to complete France by selling its companies and institutions to the Americans to leave some regions that will be supervised by Europe, another structure of the same world leaders.

As for sex, all our leaders are obviously obsessed. They have begun to set up a curriculum to teach children about sexuality from kindergarten and encourage teenagers to pornography and deviations in school, a program denounced by all psychologists as a mental destruction associated with the MK program Ultra.

The general picture is cumbersome: the French have no rights, major laws such as the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen have been abolished, the family loses its rights over its own children, and all our children are in Danger of mental retardation and undergo schooling that closes their minds instead of helping them to flourish. On the economic front, laws are still tightening to limit social rights, increase poverty and enrich large enterprises via tax havens and “business secrecy”. Militarily, the main leaders are gradually Replaced by freemasons who support the new world order and our army is no more than an army skeleton serving the Americans via NATO.

Sexual obsession, destruction of childhood, social exclusion, corporate privileges, law enforcement mercenarism, disappearance of justice, disappearance of free media, internet censorship, elimination of citizens’ rights, rigged elections and absolute contempt for the the founding laws of the country, cultural destruction through national education, the preparation of civil war by immigration, and the sale of the national heritage as in Greece … And some still dare to say that France is not a dictatorship!

THEN, those who are truly knowledgeable know:

  • That the problem is global.
  • That the disappearance of France would mean the end of Human Rights and that all of Europe will be no more than a vassal of the United States which already occupies and controls Germany.
  • That the major tool by which all populations are controlled is the “republic,” or parliamentary monarchy, which by political parties allows Freemasonry to maintain its hold on society.
  • That the leaders only maintain themselves because the forces of order have renounced to respect the Law.
  • That is why, as citizens of France, we created in 2015 the only structure recognized in international law: a National Transition Council, declared at the UN also in 2015.

This structure is legitimate as soon as the leaders of a country do not respect the founding laws, or, as in France, cancel the constitution in order to grant the full powers. Several NTCs are already established in several countries of the world and many are in progress, in Europe, Africa and South America. The concept is that of a period of transition during which the entire population will be entitled to the real information and will be able to decide on its own mode of governance.

If the Icelandic people managed to turn politicians and regain power, the orderly media silence did not allow the international awareness that would have moved other peoples. But if it is France, the country of Human Rights, then it is a global upheaval that will ensue and many peoples will free themselves from their politicians and will nullify the power of the sects.

In France, the resistance is still weak because the media silence limits us to the Internet. We are only tens of thousands of which approximately 300 active members make up the first part of the planned transitional government. They are ready to take office. Among them, jurists, economists, philosophers, scientists, but also workers, civil servants, business leaders, doctors, teachers, unemployed, etc. etc. Have worked together to develop a specific program (which has been taken up by several Councils of other countries in the process of being set up) with the following objectives:

  • Restoring the rule of law by rehabilitating the “Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen”, so that the police forces arrest the principal leaders, all of whom, according to our penal code, are punishable by Imprisonment of more than 15 years.
  • Cancellation of the national debt because it is fictitious and the immediate implementation of a universal income to straighten the economy through independent monetary creation.
  • Launching of the creation of a true constitution drafted by the whole people.
  • Linking a TV channel to provide access to real information.
  • Immediate release of patents of public utility.
  • Restoration of real health and education services.
  • Creation of a Supreme Court of Justice based on “Natural Human Rights”.

These are the essential points which will save France, and which will probably also be useful in other countries.

France is today, as at the end of the 18th century, the hope of the world, and these 300 citizens are the hope of France, the starting point for a complete paradigm shift; For there is no doubt that the liberated people will be followed by many others and that only leaders decide wars, the people don’t want them!

It is therefore likely that this court of justice of the “Natural Human Rights” will be adopted by all and will make it possible to constitute a “Organization of the United Nations” which will put an end to the genocide in progress, to the powers of the military industry and to the influence Of pharmaceutical-chemical multinationals.

I speak of people and not nations, for many people live outside nations and are deprived of all rights. I am thinking of the Palestinians, the Kogis, but also the peoples of the Amazon, Indonesia and Africa.

We must hurry because time is running out and the illegitimate leaders of the country are going to make use of this summer to prepare the laws that will destroy France in the coming months, which is the priority of the new government since already the first projects concern:

  • A compulsory vaccination law for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry and to the detriment of the health of our children.
  • A law introducing pornography earlier in the school programs.
  • The sale of a large part of our remaining assets.
  • The sale of our healthcare institution (social security) to pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.
  • The reactions of the population will be suppressed by the economic collapse of the euro, by new attacks, by increasingly violent repression, by the outbreak of a civil war, or by several of these means at the same time.

To defeat the most powerful people of the planet and their genocidal plan requires considerable resources that can only come from a global solidarity. We will succeed if we are sufficiently economically supported. If you share our ideas, help us save France by donating and sharing this video to at least two of your friends or family. Do it immediately, act immediately on the National Transition Council website where you will find the text of this video in different languages, which will allow you to translate it if you want to add an additional language (all are welcome) .

Thank you for listening to me until the end, thank you for supporting us to save Human Rights and thank you for your participation if you translate this text in another language to diffuse this video in other countries. If our means are sufficient, the repercussions of our action will quickly reach all countries.

source: https://www.conseilnational.fr/international-gbr/

Thank you CNTF, thank you Eric Fiorile

Constitutional Assembly Germany

Conseil National de Transition de France

Alliance Earth