Was sie verstecken drängt mit Macht um den Globus!

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Dank fleißiger Teilnehmer der VV haben wir nun auch den Text auf der Allianz Erde Seite  in die englischen Sprache übersetzt und ein Video dazu erstellt, weil die englische Sprache von den meisten Nationen und Völkern verstanden wird und da die Allianz Erde ein übernationales Projekt der VV ist, welche mit anderen Nationen kommunizieren will um sie aufzuklären, ist es wichtig zu verstehen, wie die Täuschung der Nationen weltweit vonstatten ging und wie sie die Völker und Nationen betrügen.

Alle Nationen und Völker sind aufgerufen Ihre Nationen und angestammten Länder, die ihre Heimat sind, zu schützen und sich nicht mehr für elitären Missbrauch zur Verfügung zu stellen. Nur dort, in Euren angestammten Ländern, habt Ihr das Recht am Grund und Boden, lasst Euch das nicht nehmen. Globalisierung entwurzelt alle Nationen und trennt sie von ihrem angestammten Grund und Boden und Lebensraum und damit macht sie uns alle heimatlos!

Wir alle haben nur EINE Heimat und die gilt es zu schützen!

Den Text findet man unten am Beitragsende, in der Verlinkung, auch in deutscher Sprache.

Dank an die fleißigen Helfer!


What they’re hiding! Rushes! (in Europe and around the world)


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Da ist der Text der Seite https://www.alliance-earth.com/the-world-situation/english.html

Europeans, Neighbors and Friends,

This message from the people of the German Constitutional Convention is dedicated to all European people and the people of the world.
Because of the actual situation in Germany all of mankind have been and still are enslaved . In 1990, all people of the world have been deceived. The reunion of the GDR (DDR) and the FRG (BRD) on October 3, 1990 has never been legitimately executed. The Federal Republic of Germany as of today is basically a US holding company.

Herewith we explain the contexts.

A Federal Republic of Germany does not exist, in fact until April 4, 2016 there was no state at all. We, the people of the German Constitutional Convention have for the first time created a Federal State of Germany on that very fourth of April 2016.
All contracts of the Federal Republic of Germany or treaties and agreements that have been made since July 18, 1990, with other federal states and countries, the European Union or other international unions / companies are therefore without exception null and void. These agreements have no legal basis at all.

Because of this deception all other nations and treaty partners of the Federal Republic of Germany are being scammed, plundered and destroyed on behalf of the United States of America and all its shareholders. Greece so far is the best known and worst example for that.
The people of  the Federal Republic of Germany themselves, as well as all other people of Europe will lose everything, like the people of Greece did. Their identity, their culture, their property as well as their right to their land.

The European Union has been installed by the ruling class which is determined to set up a New World Order. They have no legal fundamentals.
Unelected people such as lobbyists of financial and economic groups operate within the European Union .
This is a illegitimate consortium of state corporations, presenting themselves as being states under international law. This kind of European Union destroys cultures and nations and will steal any or all property, ownership, wealth possession and assets from all its people.
The Federal Republic of Germany is the driving force of these developments in Europe since their government is not the representative of the German people, but alien elites in the world.
According to the Federal Constitutional Court – Verdict of July 25, 2012 – all elections since 1956 already are invalid.


Not only do a lot of German people not know about these facts but other European people have been kept in the dark as well.

Part 1
The judicial facts


On July 17, 1990 the Occupation Organization Federal Republic in Germany from May 23, 1949 has been completely repealed, by cancellation of its territorial jurisdiction, article 23 of its Occupation code „Basic Law of 1949“.


With the turn of the day from July 17, 1990 to July 18, 1990, 0:01 am, is thus the occupation organization Federal Republic in Germany, including its Basic Law as well as all other military commands, e.g. all federal states of the occupying organ Federal Republic in Germany, de jure extinguished.


This deletion became legally effective on July 29, 1990 – see: BGBL II, page 885/890, of September 23, 1990, effective September 29, 1990.
Legal reference to this: Judgment of the (Corporation) – Federal Constitutional Court BverfGE 3, 288 (319f): 6, 309 (338,363) „Laws without scope of application have no validity and legal force“.


Other, equivalent decisions of high courts exist.


On this July 17, 1990, the four allies withdrew themselves from the nations- and thus the occupation right in the form of the Hague Conventions, completely released Germany in the borders of December 31, 1937 and at the same time deprived all FRG – stakeholders of their offices and through election given positions.


The Germans were now asked to reconstitute their state authorities.


As a result of the above mentioned deletion, the former Federal Republic of Germany from 1949, with the UN reference number 280, as well as the GDR with the UN country code 278, was removed at the UN on behalf of the former Allies.


The released territory was newly registered within the boundaries of December 31, 1937, under the same name, from the proclamations and occupation papers of 1945, Deutschland / Germany, under the new UN code 276.

There was nothing else to release.


The Federal Republic of Germany, like the German Democratic Republic, is thereby legally void.


The then government, Dr. Helmut Kohl, like all other so-called „former“ officials of the old Federal Republic in Germany, in the federation and in all military orders „Bundesländer“ lost their legal basis and thus their offices, each decision-making power and every function.


They were, in their new position as normal German citizens, called upon, and like any other German, by their ancestry, were likewise authorized to restore the statehood of Germany by a constitutional convention.

Chaired by Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, this convention began , after a short time, however,  were unsuccessfully and without reason dissolved.


The unification with the second occupying agent for Central Germany, the German Democratic Republic, on October 3, 1990, has legally, de jure and de facto, never occurred.


The new Federal States of the former German Democratic Republic were to join the Basic Law for   Article 23, which had already been deleted on July 17, 1990, on October 1990, although these new Federal States were not founded until October 14, 1990.


A judgement of the Corporation’s Social Court Berlin from the year 1991, as well as a judgement of the Corporation’s Federal Constitutional Court in the following months, confirmed the nullity of the unification treaty  and thus of the reunification which was previously claimed.


The establishment of the „United Economic Area of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1990“, consisting of the territories of the old Federal Republic of Germany in 1949 and the territory of the German Democratic Republic, began on August 29, 1990 with the founding of the „Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH“, Frankfurt / Main, German Trade Register ‚HRB‘ 51411.


According to this, the former occupying forces lost not only their existence, but also the follow up organization, the Federal Republic of Germany of 1990, lost all significance under international law.


This new Federal Republic of Germany turned into a privately organized company consortium in which only international commercial law and no common, international or constitutional law, no BGB, etc., could apply.



In violation of international law and contrary to the law of the state, the rights of reservation and the military laws of the Allies from the transfer agreement of 1955, continue to apply to this day in this company consortium BRD (FRG) by transfer to the 2 + 4 contract from 1990, and are assigned there to the existing general terms and conditions of business AGB (GTB).
The fact that these commercial treaties partly cancel each other out in part remains a pure statement without consideration and / or meaning from the point of international law.


All other German territories under foreign administration remained insofar unconsidered in their old status.


Nevertheless, until today all territories of the defeated nation in the borders of December 31, 1937 are free under international law and continue to be unlawfully administered by the new FRG as well as the legally ineffective side agreements of the FRG politics after July 18, 1990, by delusion in international legal relations without any legal basis.


Thus results the legal basis of the constitutional convention of November 1, 2014, with the legal status of July 17, 1990, 00.01 am , to July 18, 1990, effective as of September 29, 1990, with reference to Article 146 of the original Basic Law of May 23, 1949, and with reference to BGBL II, page 885/890 of 09.23.1990, effective 09.29.1990.


All agreements, laws, memberships and contracts with each other and with third parties concluded by the non-governmental organization „Federal Republic of Germany of 1990“ as of the Four Allies since July 18, 1990, are invalid, null and void for the constitutional convention and its subsequent state, until later and by authorized, governmental agencies or officeholders have reached another decision.


The establishment of state structures and agencies, such as the elaboration and later establishment of an agreement through free popular elections, will pave the way to the sovereignty of all German territories and the conclusion of peace declarations.


Pending the discharge of the administrative offices by new people and officials appointed on the basis of an agreement, the administrative bodies of the Constitutional Convention provisionally continue political and public affairs.

Part 2

The legal basis for the Constitutional Convention


Basic Law – II

The Federation and the States (Articles 20 – 37) Basic Law Article 25, „The general rules of international law are an integral part of federal law“.

They go before the laws and generate rights and obligations directly for the inhabitants of the federal territory.“

Meaning: A Constitutional Convention is international law.


International law is above federal law and is superiorly mandatory for the Federal Republic of Germany and its inhabitants.

Thus, the Constitutional Convention is above federal law, and all laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are inferior to the legal status of the Constitutional Convention.



The Constitutional Convention of November 1, 2014 hereby temporarily sets this state by its members, the legal entities of the legal entity „State of the German Federal States“ to establish a new, joint state system under the name of Deutschland / Germany, consisting of the existing 26 sovereign federal states, as a legal entity again back into the international legal status as a legal entity and claims without time limit and special, further explanation then the exclusive sovereignty over the valid UN country code 276 for Deutschland / Germany according to ISO 3166-1-alpha-2, registered on October 3,1990 for the territory released on July 17, 1990 in the borders of December 31, 1937, without hereby giving up a legal acknowledgment of the waiver of the claim regarding the remaining territories of the 26 federal states.

Legal reference:

„A new state acquires its international legal personality, regardless of its recognition or non-recognition by the mere fact of its emergence.

The finding in the recognition that the state has come into existence is only of declaratory nature.“

Judgment of the Oberverwaltungsgericht (Supreme Administrative Court) Münster, judgment of 02.14.1989 (18 A 858/87), NVwZ 1989, 790 (ZaöRV 51 [1991], 191) (p.310 [89/1])

ORIGINAL SOURCE: German jurisdiction in questions of international law 1986 – 1993


This Constitutional Convention, consisting of the legal entities of all rights of the „natural persons“ of the legal entity, originating from the 26 federal states, thus as a community of those holders of the sole rights of the legal entity in the proven legal consequence for Germany 276, thus, as a community of those holders of the sole rights of the legal entity in the proven legal consequence for Germany 276, consisting of later specified areas of the 26 federal states of the former German Confederation, enters the legal situation since July 18, 1990, 0.01 am immediately.

Part 3
What is a Constitutional Convention in international law?

Legal effects and legal bases of a Constitutional Convention in international  and state law

[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_Law_for_the_Federal_Republic_of_Germany ]

Constitutional Convention or Constituent Assembly is a constitutional and political science term. A Constitutional Convention is an extraordinary political institution, sometimes called the Constituent Convention, which has been temporarily set up and can be set up to give a state a first or a new constitution again. It is – as an expression of the pouvoir constituant – in the possession of the constituent power of the people.

Significant examples in history show that constitutional conventions mostly came up within a revolutionary environment. The very first “Verfassunggebende Versammlung” („Constitutional Convention“) on German soil took place in the city of Memmingen in Upper Swabia (‚Oberschwaben‘) in  the south of Germany on March 24, 1525. Here, the federal order was written by the rebellious peasants in the Peasants‘ War.

„A Constitutional Convention has a higher rank than the elected representative body under the adopted constitution. It is in possession of the ‚pouvoir constituant‘. This special position is incompatible with the imposition of restrictions on it from outside. […] Their independence in fulfilling this mandate is not only in deciding the content of the future Constitution, but also in the way in which the Constitution is drafted.“

„Its members can be elected or appointed or constitute themselves in the context of a coup d’etat or a revolution. This happened, for example, in Ballhausschwur (Ballhaus-oath), a key event at the beginning of the French Revolution: the members of the National Assembly declared themselves in a revolutionary act a Constitutional Convention,which finally, as a constituent, transformed absolutist France into a constitutional monarchy.“
„Thomas Payne, the great propagandist of the French Revolution compared the American Revolution with that fixed point, after Archimedes had once been looking for to unhinge the world. The American Revolution has realized the nation as a constituent power and thus opened the gate to the age of democratic or Atlantic revolution.“

-Bruno Schoch: All power emanates from the people. But who is ‚the people‘?

„Thus, the meta-t heuristic concept of constitutional power carries with it a certain paradox, which makes it so difficult for the lawyer to understand – according to Martin Heckel.“

„The constitutional power is not derivable from norms, but contains a normative decision that creates norms. It is the fruit of a historical moment which nevertheless requires consistency beyond the moment. […] It demands inviolability, although it stems from the break with constitutional law that has applied up to now and can also sweep away the current constitutional order in transition. . It manifests itself in the – often violent eruptive – revolution of the people, which, however, by virtue of its constitutional power, obliges the constitutional bodies of the state to strictly enforce the constitution against any revolutionary attempt, coup d’etat and breach of the constitution, – as long as it [the people] bears the constitution.“

„A Constitutional Convention is only temporary, temporary. Its mission is objectively limited. It is only called to create the constitution of the state and the laws that are necessary for the state to act and function effectively through its constitutional organs. With the proclamation of a constitution, the new authoritative state power derives (from it) as the will of the people, the new pouvoir constitué. The Constitutional Convention has thus done its work and dissolves after the elections to the new legislature itself. The state power newly constituted by the entry into force of the constitution is bound by this new constitution.“

Limits of sovereignty

According to the principle of popular sovereignty, a Constitutional Convention would be independent of the requirements of the incumbent state authorities and would not be bound by regulations of an already existing constitution. Being in possession of the original pouvoir constitué, it could impose only itself substantive and procedural barriers:

«Un peuple a toujours le droit de revoir, de réformer et de changer sa Constitution. Une génération ne peut assujettir à ses lois les générations futures.»

„A people always has the right to review, reform and change its constitution. One generation can not submit its laws to future generations. “

Another legal-philosophical view states that the sovereignty of the people in the exercise of the pouvoir constituent were indeed limited . For the Constitutional Convention was indeed bound by overly positive legal principles, which included general principles of the rule of law and, in particular, universal human rights. These general principles of law, as natural law or rational law, always preceded the popular will and the positive, established law. The judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court of October 23, 1951, cited above, states:

„A Constitutional Convention is only bound by the overly positive legal principles that precede every written law […]. Moreover, it is essentially independent. It can only impose itself barriers. “

The Austrian expert in constitutional law Peter Pernthaler stresses in this natural law context the importance of the preambles of modern constitutions. In religious or secularized formulas, e.g. invocatio Dei („Invocation of God“), is legally codified a „transcendence reference of the constituent power of the people“, which has the function of clarifying these limitations of the sovereignty of the people:

„Not in these formulas, but in the presumed limitation of popular sovereignty by human rights, responsibility of state authority, and other over-positive legal principles, which also limit the democratic constitution, lies the importance of the transcendence of modern state constitution: According to the experience of plebiscitary totalitarian state power in dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, the basic conception of the constitutional state is that the constitutional power of the people also does not establish unlimited power of the state over people, a particularly important element of the freedom of this order. “

The opposite right-wing positivist position was once formulated by Hans Kelsen, constitutional judge and main author of the Austrian Constitution of 1920, as follows:

„The question that aims at natural law is the eternal question of what lies behind the super positive law.“ And whoever seeks the answer finds, I fear, not the absolute truth of a metaphysics nor the absolute justice of a natural law. He who raises the veil and does not close his eye stares at the Gorgon head of power.“

Part 4

The right of a people to self-determination

Independence referendum in South Sudan 2011
„The right of peoples to self-determination is one of the fundamental rights of international law. It states that a people has the right freely to decide on its political status, its state and government form and its economic, social and cultural development. This includes his freedom from foreign rule. This right of self-determination makes it possible for a people to form a nation or their own national state, or to join a different state at their own free will.“

„Today, the right of peoples to self-determination is generally recognized as the norm of international law, which is the norm under customary law. Its legal character is further recognized under international treaty law by Article 1 (2) of the UN Charter, by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (IPBPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (IPWSKR), both of December 19, 1966. Thus, it is considered universally valid.“


Legal rule of law for the creation of a legal entity, ie a state:

„The subject under international law has existed and exists through its legitimate, natural legal entities and those in the legal succession, which in turn draw their inalienable and indissoluble rights from the subject of international law.“

German Constitutional Convention
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Alle Nationen und Völker sind aufgerufen Ihre Nationen und Länder, die ihre Heimat sind, zu schützen und sich nicht mehr für elitären Missbrauch zur Verfügung zu stellen. Wie alle haben nur EINE Heimat und die gilt es zu schützen!


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